6-A-Side Tournament Rules

2019 6-A-SIDE



a. A coach or team manager from each team must check in with tournament officials no less than 30 minutes prior to their first match. Teams should submit a preliminary roster when registering their team. A roster signed by a club or association registrar is due at check-in. Guest players are permitted provided a birth certificate can be produced to tournament officials. If you are traveling from out of state or out of the country, travel documents are required. At check in, coaches/managers will receive their team packets with game schedules, field locations and 6-A-Side pins.

b. Coaches may enter multiple teams, but players can play on one team only and cannot change teams during the tournament. No roster changes will be allowed after registration check in. Each team registered in the tournament must register separately.

c. Refund Policy: Teams withdrawing from 6-A-Side prior to July 21, 2019 will be issued a full refund less a $10 handling fee. After July 21, 2019, teams wishing to withdraw from the tournament must notify the tournament director in writing. There will be no refunds issued for teams withdrawing after July 21, 2019, unless deemed appropriate by the tournament director. In the event the tournament is canceled, a full refund will be issued to all teams.


a. 6-A-Side consists of two rounds for all age groups except U7-U8 and U9-U10. The preliminary round is a round robin format with each team guaranteed a minimum of three (3) matches. The preliminary round determines which teams advance to the single elimination round.

b. U7-U8 and U9-10 teams play in a jamboree format where no standings are kept. Goal and field size will be decreased for these matches and there will be no elimination round play per WYS guidelines.

c. U9-U18 teams will consist of 6 players and 3 substitutes maximum; U7-U8 teams will consist of 4 players and 3 substitutes maximum. U9-U16 teams must have a goalkeeper; U7-U8 cannot.

d. All matches are 15 minutes, with two 7-minute halves and a 1-minute halftime. There is a 5-minute break between matches. Once the match is finished, teams should move off of the field quickly to allow the next match's teams to take the field.

e. Preliminary round game scoring is as follows, maximum 10 points per match:

1) 6 points for a win
2) 3 points for a tie
3) 1 point for each goal, up to a maximum of 3 goals per game
4) 1 point for a shutout
5) 8 points for a win by forfeit
6) 0 points for a loss

f. At the end of preliminary round play, the two teams with the highest point totals in each group advance to the finals, or if semifinals are played, the teams with the highest point totals in each group advance to single elimination play, along with the second place team(s) with the highest point total(s). In the event of a tie, teams advance based on:

1) Head to head record among tied teams
2) Record vs. common opponents
3) Fewest goals allowed
4) Least losses
5) Goal differential
6) Coin flip

e. If an elimination round match is tied at the end of regulation, one 5-minute overtime will be played. If the match remains tied at the end of the 5-minute overtime period, a second 5-minute overtime period will be played. If after 2 overtime periods the match remains a draw, kicks from the penalty mark will be used to decide the winner of the match.


a. Washington Youth Soccer laws will prevail except as amended below:

1) There is no offsides.

2) All players must be on their own half of the field at the start of each half.

3) Each half will begin at midfield with a throw-in. There will be no kickoffs. The referee will dictate who begins the match with the ball. Possession in the second half will be awarded to the team not having first half possession at the start of the match.

4) After a goal is scored, the defending team will restart the game with a goal kick from anywhere along their goal area line.

5) All fouls will result in an indirect free kick with opponents at least 10 yards away from the spot of the foul.

6) The field size is approximately 70 yards long by 50 yards wide (smaller for U7/8, U9/10).

7) There will be no corner kicks. A goal kick will be taken by the defending team when the ball crosses the end line should the attacking team last touch the ball. A throw in will be awarded to the attacking team within 10 feet of the corner flag should the defending team last touch the ball prior to it crossing the end line.

8) Substitution "on-the-fly" is allowed. Substituted players must be completely off the field before the new player enters the field. All substitutions will be made at midfield.

9) All teams will use a goalkeeper except U7/8 teams. Goalkeeper distributions must be a throw. No drop kicks or punts are allowed.

10) Stalling infractions will result in the loss of possession at a minimum. Further penalties will be assessed at the referee's discretion.

11) The "build out line" and "no header" rules apply to players in age groups U11/12 and younger.

b. There will be 6 age groupings for both boys and girls:

U7-8 January 1, 2012-December 31, 2013
U9-10 January 1, 2010-December 31, 2011
U11-12 January 1, 2008-December 31, 2009
U13-14 January 1, 2006-December 31, 2007
U15-16 January 1, 2004-December 31, 2005

U17-18 January 1, 2002-December 31, 2003

c. All teams must have a white T-shirt or alternate jersey available to resolve color conflicts. The referee will designate which team must change jerseys if teams cannot resolve it prior to the start of the match.

d. Game times and field locations will be in the coaches' packet found at the registration table. It is the responsibility of each team to know when and where they play. A team not on the field or with fewer than 5 players ready to play at the start of the match (fewer than 3 players for U7-U8) will forfeit unless the opposing team agrees to a shortened match.

e. Coaches MUST verify the final score with the referee immediately after the game.

f. Players with casts or protective orthopedic devices must receive referee approval to play.

g. The referee is the sole judge of play. Games will begin and end at the scheduled times; there is no extension time for injuries except as deemed necessary by the referee. An official central time keeper will signal the start and end of the match.


a. Each coach will be responsible for the maintenance of proper spectator conduct.

b. Any player given two (2) yellow cards in the tournament will not be allowed to play their next match.

c. Teams U11 and up will play a man down if a player is sent off with a red or two yellow cards in a match.

d. A player ejected from a match will not be allowed to continue for the remainder of the tournament.

e. A coach ejected from a match may be restricted from the tournament site.

f. No protests are allowed and all referee decisions are final, unless it involves the use of overage players.

g. The tournament director and committee will govern all matters of 6-A-Side and their decisions are final.

h. All misconducts and disciplinary issues will be reported to WYS for further adjudication as required.