Girls Tryouts Schedule
2010 U10 5/4 Saturday 9-10:30am Hazen HS
U10 5/5 Sunday 9-10:30am Hazen HS
2009 U11 5/4 Saturday 10:45am-12:15pm Hazen HS
U11 5/5 Sunday 10:45am-12:15pm Hazen HS
2008 U12 5/4 Saturday 12:30-2pm Hazen HS
U12 5/5 Sunday 12:30-2pm Hazen HS
2007 U13 5/10 Friday 5;30-7pm Hazen HS
U13 5/11 Saturday 9-10:30am Hazen HS
2006 U14 5/10 Friday 7:15-8:45pm Hazen HS
U14 5/11 Saturday 10:45am-12:15pm Hazen HS
2005 U15 5/10 Friday 7-8:30pm Maywood MS
U15 5/11 Saturday 12:30-2pm Hazen HS
2003/2004 U16/U17 5/18 Saturday 10:30am-12pm Hazen HS
U16/U17 5/19 Sunday 10:30am-12pm Hazen HS

Players can register in advance online at See the tryout registration process instructions below. Southlake tryouts are always FREE.

PLEASE check the site prior to your tryout date to ensure changes haven't occured.

How to Sign Up for Southlake Select Tryouts

  1. From our main menu, select Tryout Registration
  2. Once at the Southlake Affinity site, choose Registration
  3. Under Register Family Members of a Family to the Club, choose Continue
  4. Under Registration Types, select the Fall 2019-20 season and Player Tryout Registration
  5. Create a New Affinity account or sign-in if you already have one
  6. Under Add All Your Family Members To Be Registered, add a New Player or continue if your child is already listed
  7. Find your player in the family member list and choose Register
  8. Choose Do Not Have Assignment Code
  9. Choose Tryout for Select Play Level
  10. Fill in player information and tryout age group(s) and then choose Save and Next Page
  11. Accept waivers and choose Agree & Continue
  12. Choose No Payment Due, Continue
  13. Complete Registration

You may also walk-on and register on-site at the tryout time if you prefer.