Team Equipment
Posted Mar 19, 2011

All Southlake teams receive soccer balls, first-aid kit, and ice packs at the start of both the spring and fall seasons.  Before the fall season starts these items are handed out to all teams either at the September club meeting or at a separate scheduled event.

Note that all teams are entitled to the same equipment to start the season.  

Since most spring players also played with Southlake in the prior fall season, there is no organized event to distribute equipment to teams.  However, coaches that have new players for spring, or teams that are playing with Southlake for the first time, should contact the equipment manager and coordinate a pickup of any needed items.

Storage Unit at Storage One on 4th
Posted Mar 19, 2011

Our equipment storage unit is at Storage One on 4th, located at 4725 NE 4th Street in Renton, behind the Dairy Queen.  Access to Storage One is through a gated, secure entrance.  The club combination must be entered into the security keypad on both entrance and exit.  Tailgating is not allowed, but you do not have to wait for the gate to close before entering the combination.

The storage unit is protected by a combination lock.  Contact our equipment manager if you need access.  If you are returning items to the storage unit, please put them back in the appropriate place, or if they are miscellaneous items such as practice balls, please bag them up so that the storage unit stays organized (plastic garbage will work just fine).

NOTE: If your team has game-day field responsibilities such as nets up/down or field lining, you will need access to the storage unit to pickup or return the lining equipment, paint and nets.